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Jan 20th: Newsletter 13

Jan 26th: Newsletter 14


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GBM Presentations

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We have two levels of active membership in SWE: Active Membership and National Conference Funding (NSF) Active Membership! The requirements to become an active member of either level are stated below.

Reminder, we have 5 types of events you can attend:
  • Professional Development Events
  • Community Service Events
  • Social Events
  • Corporate Relations Events
  • General Body Meetings (GBMs)
To be apart of the NSF level, you must: attend the distribution of 5 types of event each semester To be apart of the Active level, you must: attend any 3 events each semester In order to secure National Conference Funding, you must maintain NSF Active status for the full year leading up to the conference. Extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on a case to case basis.   We want you to be part of our community at any level, so we thank you for all of the time you dedicate to this organization!