February 9, 2018:  SWE Newsletter 5

October 2,  2017: SWE Newsletter 3

September, 2017: SWE Newsletter 2

August 29, 2017: SWE Newsletter 1

Attendance Tracker

View Your Current Status at the following link:

We have three levels of active membership in SWE: Gold, Silver, and Bronze! The requirements to become an active member of any level are stated below.

Reminder, we have 5 types of events you can attend:

  • Professional Development Events
  • Community Service Events
  • Social Events
  • Corporate Relations Events
  • General Body Meetings (GBMs)

To be apart of the Gold level, you must: attend the distribution of 5 types of event

To be apart of the Silver level, you must: attend any 5 events

To be apart of the Bronze level, you must: attend any 3 events


Congratulations to our Fall Active Members! We are so grateful for all of your time and help in building our SWE community!