Executive Board

  • Grace Przybyl

    Grace Przybyl


    Class of 2021: Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science

  • Caitlind Walker

    Caitlind Walker

    VP External

    Class of 2022: Electrical Engineering

  • Anamika Basu

    Anamika Basu

    VP Internal

    Class of 2021:

  • Elizabeth Gikas

    Elizabeth Gikas


    Class of 2021: Systems Engineering, Minor in Computer Science

  • Kiran Bora

    Kiran Bora


    Class of 2020: Biomedical Engineering


  • Serra Erdamar

    Serra Erdamar

    Director of National Conference

    Class of 2020: Systems Engineering, 2nd Major in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Astrophysics and Astroparticle Physics

  • Dakshi Jindal

    Dakshi Jindal

    Director of Faculty & Staff

    Class of 2021: M.S. Aerospace Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

  • Allison Todd

    Allison Todd

    Director of Social Programming & Membership

    Class of 2022: Electrical Engineering, Minors in Computer Science and Ancient Studies

  • Ashley Wenz

    Ashley Wenz

    Director of Women in STEM Day

    Class of 2020:

  • Lauren Bhambri

    Lauren Bhambri

    Director of Corporate Relations

    Class of 2020: Systems Engineering, Minor in Finance

  • Sooah Ko

    Sooah Ko

    Director of Professional Development

    Class of 2021: Biomedical Engineering

  • Ellie Macklin

    Ellie Macklin

    Director of Alumni Relations & Mentorship

    Class of 20:

  • Lucy Armstrong

    Lucy Armstrong

    Director of Community Service & Outreach

    Class of 2022: